I don't know; every year i get told i've under paid, I request your current price list so I can understand what i'm paying for so i can compare to other providers, every year I fail to get this fabled price list as it is 'complicated', and so the cycle starts again. I had a price list when i signed up,and I haven't changed my payment, or been informed of the price changes, so I assume that it's all fine. Pretty sure I was originally paying for some sort of yearly financial heath check/review, but thats never happened, so, I *might* under paying but also not getting the service i paid for, so I guess that evens out in the long run. Or possibly it isn't a service you do any more, I have no idea what I'm paying for or what i should be recieving for how much. Not having a clear charging structure or be able to communicate that isn't really filling me with confidence if I'm honest. – How would you describe us overall?

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    Hi Paul,
    I am very concerned by your comments and will call you today to discuss your concerns.
    We tried to contact you a few months ago around this matter but we were unable to speak with you and received no reply to our message.
    I look forward to speaking with you today.
    Kind regards

    Sam Weston –